Lion/ Movie review


Saroo, a child who lives in India, gets lost at a train station at night, the only thing he can do is get on a deserted train. Suddenly the train starts to move and he gets stuck on it for days, when the train stops he is miles from home, trying to find his way back he gets adopted, 25 years later his search begins again as he struggles to find his real family.


I personally loved this movie, it was beautiful and emotional. It was also up for best picture. I would definatly spend my time watching this movie. I recommend this movie totally, for a family and adults.


Four  out of five




The Arrival/ Movie Review


In many places aliens have crash landed  during that Louise , a language arts teacher, has been teaching. Soon someone tells her that they need her help to figure out there languge and ask why they are here. Soon she finds herself in the spaceship teaching the aliens how to understand english.


I recommend this movie a TON. I was in the movie with them, like right beside them and  I also felt exactly what the person was feeling, happiness, sadness, anger. I loved this movie!

Stars: 4 out of 5 stars.